Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get outdoors Challenge

So inspired on sunhatswellieboots we are taking up the challenge for the month of may to spend at least an hour outside everyday... (will try to push it to 2 but not sure if we can being 8 months pregnant and with two little ones) ...

so here is the activities for the month... will be uploading pics everyday to hold accountability! :)

today we went to the park for a few hours...

5 - pinecone hunt maybe we'll turn it into a game of finding the biggest pinecone or the oddest shape.... latter on we can do crafts out of them

6 - create an outdoor sculpture with items from nature

7 - go to the kite festival at kortwright park in toronto

8 - paint garden pots and plant a flower

9 - take a color walk

10- spring nature scavenger hunt

11 - bug hunt

12 - make and set a bird feeder

13 - make mud prints

15 - make our own calk paint and make an art piece in the driveway

17 - make a water wall or a construction area

19 - make mud pies

20 - have a picnic outside

21 - make a rainbow

22 - relax with books in the sun

23 - make colorful bubbles and play with them

24 - explore a castle

25 - visit a farm

26 - washing and cleaning fun in the sun

27 - painting with spray bottles

29 - make a pirate ship

30 - splash in puddles

1 - play nature bingo

2 - start a bird book

3 - dinosaur hide and seek

4- rainy day scavenger hunt

5 - photosafari - david will have to do a scavenger hunt with his camera take pics of objects he found

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