Monday, September 26, 2011

Pirate party!!

This weekend was a weekend full of birthdays!! my big boy turned 4!!! where has time gone?? we did his pirate birthday party saturday... here is the details


kids menu


devil eggs, sausage and green pasta.. ( i made humus devil eggs... so instead of mixing the yolk with mayo i mixed it with humus... i cut the sausage before boiling it and it curled up when boiled perfect to be an (octopus) and i put some food colouring to the boiling water that cooked the pasta... and viola!!!





Adults menu


walk the plank humus
pirates of the caribean quiche
pirate legs (pretzel sticks)


algae (salad)
half o roasted crackled (roasted ckn)
peg legs (fries)
hidden treasure subs (we didn't get to do this one cause my buns disappeared last minute so we ordered some pizza)


fantastic baskin and robins ice-cream cake
and great cupcakes made by cloudn9ne cakes





we had some stations set up

+ walk the plank; this was a huge success even adults join in the fun


+ collect a treasure ... tossed some necklaces, coins, pop rings, and jewels in for the kids to find... huge success


+ skulls huppla ... this one they had to toss the ring to a skull

+ pin patch in the pirate ... i made this out of felt and glued it in a piece of plywood

+ toss coins on chest ...

+ pirate pretzels ... they hat to collect as many preztels with the hook in 10 sec


+ toss a skull ... they had to to toss skulls in the hole


we also had a treasure hunt

the first clue was to find a parrot (We put it in the tree... besides there was a hanging bottle with a picture of sand) then they had to go to the sand box and find the second clue.. wich was a picture of a graveyard (i put some dollarama tomb stones) and they found the pic of gold bars (i painted some styrofoam gold) and then they found a pic of a crocodrile... there they found a treasure box with all the loot bags

loot bags

i made yute bags iron on them pics of jake and the neverland pirates for boys and izzy for girls... inside we put crayons a colouring book and a necklace igot make in easy..


table decor


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