Wednesday, March 16, 2011

language and space crafts

D beginning Sounds cards; we made this little booklets with pics of objects starting with the letter... i found it a bit easier than starting straight to CVC

moon painting with cotton balls - so we painted the moon with cotton balls.. and d held the cotton with tongs!! :) great for dextrecity

Rocket out of toilet paper roll... we took a toilet paper roll covered it in aluminium... cut wings and half a circle to make the top... ;) d loveed it!! great adition to his sensory tub ;)

Painted Stars we made them from sticks... d painted them blue then we glued them together and put some glitter on them ;)

Astronaut - we printed the template from here. i let d cut them (hence the almost chopped off head) and then he glued it to an empty piece of toilet roll.

Shuttle - we cut painted a space shuttle... glued some cotton balls and added the foil paper decor

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