Friday, March 4, 2011

The Solar System Unit (Practical Life)

Practical life

Pouring Stars (star shapped pasta)

helps the child develop co-ordination, self-sufficiency and the following Manipulative Skills; carrying a tray with objects on it, pouring with either hand, and lifting and placing down a delicate object. To enable the child to pour drinks and to become involve in cooking and mealtime activities.

Spooning Planets (marbles)

Great for motor skills, children also strengthen their finger grip and can transfer their new skill to the dinner table!

Lacing Earth and a Rocket

It helps develop your child's 'pincer grip' which can help with writing it also does wonders in working on patience, and mutli-tasking as lacing can be a complicated concept at first. The child has to concentrate on guiding the lace while also thinking about patterning (in & out, up & down), direction, and shapes/colors..

Sweeping Cosmic Rocks

it teaches kids to care of their environment. it is easier for the child if you give them a limited space where they will sweep the 'dust'.

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