Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our busy bag for Disney World

We are sooo excited to be leaving this saturday!!! i've been working on our busy bags.. my intention was to do this quiet book for leah but had no time!! hopefully will do it for our trip to mexico in dec.

match numbers and cards- matching the number of objects in the cards with the numbers

Playdough couldn't be left out!! :) some playdough from the dollar store with the cookie cutters

matching game; I made these out of felt (was inspired by another blog but can't remember the link) . i tried to put eyelets on it so they could be held with binder rings but no luck... i think i got the wrong eyelets

memory game made of felt (he has to match the letter with the beginning of the sound of the object.. eg. h&heart)

beginning of sounds cards (v & violin) i laminated them so d could circle the right letter

Disney lottery i made in here just downloaded disney wall papers

Disney lacing cards (printed some black and white disney silluetes, laminated them and punch holed them)

I made this memory game with wooden pieces i got a micheals.. just printed them glued them and painted the back with chalkboard paint (that way the kids can also use the back of the pieces to draw)

letters and objects match... david has to match the letters of the beginning of the sound with the capital and lower case letters

crayons and dollar store book

and locks to lock and unlock



Wow! You guys are ready for your trip! Great tips! Gonna use some for our plane ride to Philippines!

Mama B said...

Those are great ideas!! And the locks are perfect...things like that are so easy but can keep little hands busy for ages :) Have a wonderful trip!