Monday, March 7, 2011

Culture and Science (space unit)

3 Part space Cards- this set has the planets and a names on one set of cards, only pics on the other set and there is the labels.. eventualy when d can ready he will be able to match the name and the picture for now we are just matching the pictures..

Constellation viewing - we got this constellation punched cards from lakeshore montessori products, david loved this!! i was planning on printing some constellation punching holes and lighting them in his room with a flash light but found these and saved me the punching work!!

Phases of the Moon Cards - we match the stages of the moon from first to last... and we will be doing the dif. phases of the moon with cookie oreo too..

Life Cycle of a Star - same idea as with the moon..

Astornomy Vocabulary Bingo - i created this from a vocabulary cards from i just cut and pasted big 4x3 cards with dif. pics as d loves to play bingo.. we use 'space stones' to mark the pics we call out...

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