Friday, March 4, 2011

Pink, Blue and Green Phonic Series (teaching D to read the montessori way)

As the Montessori child moves throughout the language sequence, he follows a prescribed order of learning and putting together phonetic sounds, to become a better reader and writer.

The Pink, Blue, and Green Series materials were developed to teach the child to read in the english language. They break down the essentials of English phonics into three groups: short vowel sounds (pink series), consonant blends (blue series), and phonetic combinations (green series). By moving through these materials in order, a child is able to easily master the art of reading and writing in English.

The Montessori reading sequence is primarily focused on the phonetic aspect of language. The child spends a lot of time learning the initial sounds. Next the focus is on identifying middle sounds of words (emphasizing short vowel sounds), and the ending sounds of words. She does a lot of sorting activities. Objects and pictures are sorted by their initial, medial, or ending sounds. Many rhyming activities prepare the child for word family work, as well as refining the identification of ending sounds.

The Pink Series materials helps with this. Pink Series words consist of three letters: a beginning and ending consonant, and a vowel in the middle. All of the vowel sounds in this series are short vowels: "a" as in "cat"; "e" as in "bed", "i" as in "pig", "o" as in "hot", and "u" as in "bus". The letter “y” is not included in this grouping. Occasionally the ending sound may be a double, as in hill or muss. The child practices reading these words in pre-made readers or word lists. He labels objects or pictures with cards. He practices spelling all of them with the movable alphabet. He also begins to learn sight words and starts work in appropriate phonetic readers.

The Pink, Blue, and Green series allow a natural flow of Montessori phonetic education. They provide a solid foundation for the blossoming reader to be able to decipher words well into his future.

The pink series

materials we got.. from

we are introducing first the objects and the pictures. this will help make sure D knows the vocabulary that will be presented

then we will do the beginning sounds cards

then we have middle sounds and endings...

we will probably follow by matching objects with word cards

Note; D already mastered the letter recognition and he knows the individual sounds of the letters.. this will help us put it all together in words.
Also It is recomended to use a set of 5 words at a time... that so its not so overwealthming for the child..

once D completes his cards.. we will put a set of only words in a bowl where he can pick a word up and read it outloud...

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