Friday, March 4, 2011

Solar System Unit (Language)

Books we are reading - the scholastic planets collection, dr. seus,

Memory Games - Planets and Parts of the Earth

Tracing Constellations - in this excersise he will practice tracing and copying.. he has to copy the contellation from the left into the right

Letter Learning - 'A' for Astronaut, 'M' for Moon and 'S' for Spaceship

Pink Series

we are introducing first the objects and the pictures. this will help make sure D knows the vocabulary that will be presented

then we will do the beginning sounds cards

then we have middle sounds and endings...

we will probably follow by matching objects with word cards

Note; D already mastered the letter recognition and he knows the individual sounds of the letters.. this will help us put it all together in words.
Also It is recomended to use a set of 5 words at a time... that so its not so overwealthming for the child..

Dot to Dot Constellation Page

Sand Paper Letter

we bought this from etsy seller polliwog77
the way we use this is we put a tray with 'sand' i use flour.. and he traces the letter in the wodden board first and touching the sand paper of the letter.. and then he traces it in the flour..

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