Friday, March 11, 2011

Our environment at home!

so after a few weeks of rearranging.. here is our new play/work room

where we keep the trays for david.. both kids can usualy play with little supervision with the toys that are in the lower shelf..

our calendar / circle time... we sing the week days song in the morning say a daily prayer... answer the quesiton of the day, check the weather card and the mood cards on how d is feeling today...

still to come is the chore chart for d



Dona, this is amazing! You are really an inspirational mama!! :D

Elise said...

I am in the process of trying to organise our trays for my children too. Looks like your children are going to have a great time playing in this space.

Your circle/calendar time sounds like a lovely way to discuss the day. I like your idea of having a question of the day.

I replied to your questions on my blog but thought it might be easier to also include a copy of my response here too. I replied with:

Donaji, I just went and measured my hearts and they are 14cm across at the widest part at the top and about 13cm across the middle (with the stuffing inside). From the top (in the centre) to the centre bottom they are nearly 9cm. I wasn't very particular when we made them - I just drew a heart that would be big enough to feature the pictures. I used the wallet size printing option from my computer to print the photos and they measure 5cm by 6.5cm. I bought the bells from a local craft store.

I'd love to see what you come up with for your children. My children have really enjoyed these so they are certainly worth the effort.

I look forward to following your blog.