Monday, March 7, 2011

Space Math (our math unit this moth)

Cards and Counters: I got this cards from here. I printed them laminated them and D has to match the number of stars with the card.

Build a Rocket: got the rocket from makinglearningfun; Printed, cut and laminated the rocket. David rolls a dice and put the piece with the designated number on the rocket game board.
If you roll a six, you have to loose a turn.

Star Counting - i got black paper and d has to stick the number of stars.

Adding Game; I made this.. printed 10 stars (2 sets of stars with numbers 1 to 5) made adding cards (1-5 + 1-5) since d only knows how to count to 13 i figured we do easy additions. he picks an adding card.. and the matching number stars.. he places them in the string and then puts the number of beads of each star in a dif. color. then counts the total..

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